July 6, 2015

DUMAGUETE’s Kahayag Dance Company at the 2015 IYF World Cultural Dance Festival (Photo courtesy of Jan Leonil Ajero

The Philippines bagged the grand prize at the 2015 International Youth Fellowship (IYF) World Cultural Dance Festival held in Jeonju, South Korea.

Dumaguete’s Kahayag Dance Company, which represented the country in the contest held July 3, bagged the grand prize and won $5,000.

Fiji took home the gold prize, South Korea won the silver prize, and Togo/Ghana grabbed the bronze prize. There were eight teams from seven countries that competed in the contest.

Kahayag Dance Company’s delegation is composed of 27 members including its artistic director. The group performed the dance “Tag-araw.”

In an interview with Bulletin Entertainment, Kahayag said they are proud to represent the Philippines in the festival.

“It is always a great opportunity and responsibility to represent our country especially in a form which we are truly passionate of,” the dance company said. “We feel the fulfilment of being able to successfully represent our country well and got the major bonus of bagging the Grand Prize. We feel blessed to have had our chance to share the vibrant and colourful culture of the Philippines in the world stage. We are proud Filipino youth.”

The dance group added, “Summer time in the Philippines offers an unending array of celebrations from fiestas and festivals to fun and food. ‘Tag-araw’ is a dance amalgamation reflective of the Filipinos creativity, artistry, and natural high when it comes to celebrations.”

“That no matter what age, which place, what form, what reason, one thing stands true: Filipinos are a happy people with welcoming smiles of warmth and hospitality. For all these reasons, people will always want to come back because in the Philippines, it feels like it is always summer,” they said.
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